Our Main Concern is to Teach you to Free Dive Safely

Free2Dive is a freediving school in Cyprus that can provide theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to amateur as well as certified and experienced free divers.

What Is Freediving ?

Freediving is any of various aquatic activities that share the practice of breath-hold underwater diving. Examples include breathhold spear fishing, freedive photography, apnea competitions etc.

The activity with the most public appeal is competitive apnea, an extreme sport, in which competitors attempt to attain great depths, times or distances on a single breath without the assistance of selfcontained underwater breathing apparatus.

AIDA Individual World Depth Championship

Join us in this exciting game, while experiencing the hospitality of the island, the warm and clean waters and wonderful weather.


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A Manual of Freediving

Freediving Explained is the world's largest and most comprehensive FREE online freediving manual. Here you will find everything you want to know about freediving, from explanations about the various pieces of equipment used in freediving, freediving physiology and philosophy and breathholding techniques to various freediving training methods.

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Free Diving Courses

Freediving courses of all levels throughout the year.

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Came as novice in this sport and was guided to the successful competitive free diver. I have learnt how to use maximum of my physical and mental potential, as well as to maximize experience and knowledge from my previous sport activities. At the same time, I was confident under Savvas supervision while I was pushing my limits and discovering my abilities.

Katey McPherson

From first time using mask, snorkel and fins to the feeling of being deep under water, feeling sort of mastery over your body and at the same time being so peaceful, feeling safe and comfortable in a matter of two weeks! Thank you Free2Dive and Savvas.

Sasa Damnjanovic